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Wild Strawberries Thrill

Monday, June 14, 2010

You are not mistaken - these are wild strawberries. I'll tell you more: those strawberries were unexpectedly found by Alex when he was moving the lawn and ran into a small strawberry field that spread between two lots. It is beneficial sometimes to have a neighbor who doesn't give a damn about his lawn - it offers Mother Nature the opportunity to treat us to yet another little gift. The aroma of this kind of berries is unique, delicate and so ravishing that garden strawberries are not even close to it. Once and again my senses evoked memories of my childhood summers in a Siberian village where we used to pick wild strawberries in a cool pine forest. Then in the heat of summer afternoon we had a bowl of sun-pampered berries with a glass of cellar-chilled raw milk.
There is no recipe in this post - I am just sharing my  today's experience and a thrill that plain food can give us.

Wild strawberries are meltingly tender, with very delicate exquisite aroma... It's sad I cannot transfer this aroma through internet (who knows, maybe it will be possible soon) - just close your eyes and try to imagine...

These deligtful little fruit with milk is the best desert one could wish for!

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