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Home-dried Bananas

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This snack came to life as a result of a nostalgic memory of dried bananas that were sold long ago back in Russia. It was made in China and was a popular addition to our not very plentiful diet. They used probably the smallest variety of bananas on Earth, and most likely dried them in the open air. Apple bananas would make a good comparison, but I didn't try them yet. Drying in the open air didn't seem attractive, so by trial and error, I made a similar product in my oven, with convection setting. Round slices do not work - bananas get too dry, whereas they should be dry outside but still meaty and soft inside, as many dried fruit are.  Slicing is key here. On average size banana you should have 8 lengthwise pieces: first cut in half across, then cut each half in half lengthwise, then cut  each half in half lengthwise again.  Uph.. Sounds a little confusing, but sorry I did not make detailed pictures yet. Let's do it!