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Olivier - Russian Salad

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Most of the potato salads served in American Restaurants under the name "Russian Salad", are simplified variations of this 20th century Russian classic. In Russia this salad is most commonly called Olivier Salad, and no self-respecting Russian feast can go without it. Where I come from, we call it simply the Winter Salad. Indeed, every ingredient was accessible even during the scanty Soviet winters.
Satisfying, rich, abounding in taste and texture, this is a time-tested favorite. Trust me, your guests will love it and ask for a second helping, and maybe even third... If that doesn't scare you, read on.

Vinegret - Jazzy Holiday Salad

Monday, December 6, 2010

Without vinegret, a winter vegetable salad, Russian traditional table is missing one of its important  components. As far as I remember my precious self, vinegret (please do not confuse it with vinaigrette - a dressing made of oil and vinegar)was always in my mama's festive winter menu, especially on New Year's eve. Colorful, refreshing and tasty (at least to Russian palate :), vinegret was a focal point among many other viands. Let's get started...