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Peach Jelly

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This recipe came suddenly and became a favorite in a matter of two or three weeks this summer - we already made it like 6 times. To my surprise, for some reason the members of the household were not so much interested in fresh peaches  in spite of them being irresistibly delicious (obviously only to me!) and in season here in New England. The pink beauties ripened quickly on the counter and started to spoil. At one of these sad moments I was about to fix a compote out of them, but Irishka, our guest from Russia, timidly suggested to make jelly. Oh well, I thought, why not? Thanks for the idea! Using my previous experience with gelatin and after some thinking and tweaking, I developed a recipe that can be rightfully called perfect - a rare thing to happen during three weeks. Delightfully pink, moderately sweetened, this flavorful and elegant dessert will please your palates and perk you up on a hot and humid day. Read on, it's easy!